Add to Your Desktop Calendar

If you use a Desktop Calendar which supports the vCalendar (VCS) file format - Microsoft Outlook, iCal, Ximian Evolution, etc, then you may like to use our Add to Your Desktop Calendar feature.

This will create "appointments" in your calendar program for Sessions which you select to add. The appointment will contain the Session Title, Start Time, End Time, Room/Location and details of Papers and Presenters for that session.

To add sessions to Your Calendar, simply look out for the following icon. You can find this on the Session page, Paper Abstract page and Your Event Programme page.

Add to Your
Desktop Calendar

Selecting this link will create a new Appointment window within your calendar application. Simply chose the Save option to store the session details in your calendar and close the appointment window.

You can even then syncronise your selected sessions with your PDA and take the Programme with you!

Please note: Sessions are subject to last minute changes. Should a session content change after you add it to your calendar, you calendar will NOT automatically be updated.