Programme Viewer Help

To view the Congress Programme, click on a topic in the left hand frame. Any available details related to that topic will appear in the right-hand frame. The Programme Viewer is in directory tree format -- wherever you see + , you can click on the symbol to expand the directory and access additional details. Within each topic 'Invited Sessions' and 'Contributed Sessions', you can expand the directory to view the names of sessions, and then again to view the details of the papers within each session.

Within the right-pane, simply point-and-click to follow hyperlinks that interest you. For example, if you click on a keyword, you will be presented with a list of all papers to which that keyword is assigned.

Links within the programme viewer allow you to add papers to a personalised event programme, to see the titles of papers you have recently viewed, and to email details of papers to friends and colleagues. If you have any suggestions or feedback on this programme view, please email them to Thank you!