Contributed Sessions 6

28th August 2013, 10:45 - 12:45

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EEA Sessions

Business Cycles V

Chaired by Lola Gadea, University of Zaragoza
Location Haga D241

Crime II

Chaired by Helmut Rainer, University of Munich, CESifo, Ifo Institute
Location Haga A010

Economics of Education III

Chaired by Oliver Falck, Ifo Institute
Location Haga D250

Economics of Education IV

Chaired by Cheti Nicoletti, University of York
Location Handels C24

Economics of Education V

Chaired by Guido Schwerdt, Ifo Institute
Location Handels C33

Expectations and Fluctuations

Chaired by Adriana Cornea, University of Exeter
Location Handels D33

Financial Crises III

Chaired by Christoph Bertsch, University College London
Location Handels F SKF

Health Economics II

Chaired by Michael Kuhn, Wittgenstein Centre / Vienna Institute of Demography
Location Handels B21

Health Economics III

Chaired by Mats Bergman, Södertörn University
Location Handels B24

Health Economics IV

Chaired by Dick Durevall, University of Gothenburg
Location Handels B34

Heterogeneity in Macroeconomics I

Chaired by Andrea Tambalotti, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Location Handels E45

Heterogeneity in Macroeconomics II

Chaired by Essi Eerola, VATT and HECER
Location Handels E43

Industrial Organization Theory I

Chaired by Souresh Saha, Brunel Business School, Brunel University
Location Haga D141

Industrial Organization Theory II

Chaired by Ramon Caminal, Institut d''Anàlisi Econòmica, CSIC
Location Handels F43

Inequality I

Chaired by Paul Bingley, SFI - Danish National Centre for Social Research
Location Handels F44

Inequality II

Chaired by Ari Hyytinen, University of Jyväskylä and Yrjö Jahnsson Foundation
Location Handels F45

Innovation II

Chaired by Myra Mohnen, University College London
Location Handels D32

Innovation III

Chaired by Ángel Luis López, University of Navarra
Location Handels B44

Labour and Macroeconomics I

Chaired by Virginia Olivella, Banque de France
Location Handels C32

Labour and Macroeconomics II

Chaired by Julio Garin, University of Georgia
Location Handels D31

Macroeconomics and Finance I

Chaired by Vitor Castro, Faculty of Economics - University of Coimbra
Location Handels D34

Macroeconomics and Finance II

Chaired by Tiago Berriel, EPGE-FGV
Location Handels B41

Monetary Economics IV

Chaired by John C. Williams, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Location Handels E44

Social Networks I

Chaired by Maria Yudkevich, Higher School of Economics
Location Haga A012

Social Networks II

Chaired by Roman Chuhay, Higher School of Economics
Location Haga A110

ESEM Sessions

History of Econometrics and the Econometric Society

Chaired by James Heckman, University of Chicago
Location Handels B23

Bargaining and Coalitions

Chaired by Toshiji Miyakawa, Osaka University of Economics
Location Haga B009

Cheap Talk

Chaired by Saori Chiba, Boston Univeristy
Location Haga D138

Contracts and Incentives

Chaired by Jose A. Garcia-Martinez, Universidad Miguel Hernandez
Location Haga B225

Empirical Asset Pricing II

Chaired by Imen Ghattassi, Banque de France
Location Haga B210

Forecasting II

Chaired by Steffen Henzel, Ifo Institute for Economic Research
Location Haga D206

Household Behaviour

Chaired by Bram De Rock, ECARES-ULB
Location Haga B228

Industrial Organisation

Chaired by Simon Miegielsen, Center for Economic Studies (University of Leuven)
Location Handels B32

Insurance and Incentives

Chaired by Andre Veiga, Toulouse School of Economics
Location Haga D143

Organizations and Teams

Chaired by Jo Thori Lind, University of Oslo
Location Haga D137


Chaired by Jonas Fooken, Queensland University of Technology
Location Haga D240

Search and Matching

Chaired by Guannan Luo, Northwestern University
Location Handels B33

Unit Root Tests

Chaired by Christoph Hanck, University of Duisburg-Essen
Location Handels CG salen
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