European Economic Association Sessions

The Rise of China: Growth, Change and Distortions

Chaired by Kjetil Storesletten, University of Oslo
Location 20 Helga Eng, aud. 1

Labor Market and Finance

Chaired by Pietro Garibaldi, Collegio Carlo Alberto.
Location 20 Helga Eng, aud. 3

Organizational Economics and Bounded Rationality

Chaired by Andrea Prat, London School of Economics
Location 20 Helga Eng, aud. 2

ESEM Sessions

Empirical Industrial Organisation (Auto-metrics)

Chaired by Frank Verboven, Leuven
Location 9 Eilert Sundt, aud 1
Speakers: Chad Syverson, Chicago and Frank Verboven, Leuven

Macroeconomics with Heterogeneous Agents

Chaired by Dirk Krüger, Penn
Location 15 Sophus Lie, aud. 1
Speakers: Christian Hellwig, Toulouse and Dirk Krüger, Penn
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